added a social share plugin to my website

To allow social share on my websites, I installed a plugin called Ultimate Social Media. It just worked like a charm!

I tried several others but USM seemed to be the most popular one available on the market. Anyhow, the premium plan is not for free!

So far, my website is running smoothly on my vps purchased on vultr. For personal use, I strongly recommend vultr for its easy use and charge by hours. You won’t have to worry about IP block by GFW if your readers are from China. You can easily change your IP and recover your server by building a snapshot which is for free.

Later on, I’ll write a post about how to build a website from scratch. It’ll take some time to write a complete guide.

ps: try my referral if you’re interested in vultr. You’ll get 50$ credit to try the platform. If you have used my link, I’ll be happy to offer unlimited advice to build a website or even vpn!